So, you're looking for the best hosting for your SEO? 

This review will help answer all the questions related to SEO hosting and affordable options for your private blog network. 

Let me get started with a stern warning, I don’t recommend most of the companies that bill themselves as an SEO host.

And you should right most of them off as well.


Well because it’s an easy trace to track down the allocated IP addresses leaving a footprint bigger than the Grand Canyon.

Available Companies for SEO Hosting 

We have a few options depending on your budget. 

I'll list these options as a good, better, and best depending on how much you're looking to invest in your network. 

If you've taken the steps to invest in quality PBN domains, then I'd recommend taking the extra steps to insure you're protecting your investment in your domains.

Option # 1 - Create hosting accounts across multiple high quality hosting providers. 

This is probably the safest way possible and if you’re building out a massive network and already making money from your Private Blog Network, then this is for you.

You can pick from several different hosting providers…

And stack your domains across the multiple hosting providers with different niches or markets.

In other words, DO NOT and I repeat DO NOT use the same niche on your shared host.

The idea here is to blend in with other high quality sites by getting hosting accounts the popular services. 

We've listed these below in the table with links to the best pricing

Company Name



Option # 2 - Use a Hostnine Reseller program

While this is not a perfect option.

If you’re just starting out, running a big or small network, you’ll be able to benefit from using a Hostnine Reseller program