gsasearchenginerankertutorialsGSA Search Engine Ranker is a software that pumps out links quicker than rabbits multiply in the spring time.

I remember the first time I'd opened the software up, I was like “What am I looking at and Where do I begin?”

I'd been accustomed to the fancy design editors in Magic Submitter and SEnuke where I could pick a backlinking template and run with it.

However, no SEO backlinking software comes close to the power of GSA Search Engine Ranker once you know how to use it.

Some will say software like GSA can hurt your website with too many links or spammy type links.

I've never found that it's the software Рit's all in how you decide to use it.  And that's what this tutorial is designed to help you with.

We'll be covering the following in this training…

  • The Options Setup
  • Proxies
  • Setting up multiple tiers
  • Verified and Submitted List and
  • I'll walk you through setting up your campaigns
  • And we'll talk briefly on how to create content for GSA search engine

And a whole lot more…

By the end of these videos, you'll see exactly how to use GSA Search Engine Ranker to it's fullest ability.

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Derek Pierce
Derek Pierce

Derek Pierce is an online marketer specializing in Search Engine Optimization. He used his SEO to escape over $100,000 in credit card debt building a 6 figure business from a spare bedroom.