Tired of Worrying About the Barrage of Google Updates with Nowhere to Turn? 

"Discover How to Skip The Hard Knocks, Avoid The Frustration, Safeguard Your Profits While Getting Help with Your Campaigns!"

Forget the Grind...

Take Our Research and Testing To Build $100 - $200 A Day SEO Campaigns, Land Big Ticket Clients All Day Long.  

From: Derek Pierce

I'll cut right to the chase... 

If you'd like to create a profitable SEO business that gets you results month after month, skipping over all the guesswork, and be be able to get live help then listen up... 

Because, I'm going to arm you with the strategy... 

The techniques. 

The Know How. 

To begin carrying out, creating, and making money from your SEO. 

No theory. 

All Battle Tested and Approved. 

As well as the support, helping you along the way. 

However, this may not be for you. 

This is only for those that are serious about building a real business using SEO as the catalyst. 

The fact is I've been at this SEO gig for over 10 years. 

I've practiced what I've preached. 

...And I've seen just about everything. 

Including testing everything. 

And I stay up to date with the latest, ongoing changes.

But you're not here about me. 

We're here to get you the results you've been looking for without having to wade through all the bull shit. 

That's why today, I'm excited to hand you the opportunity to dive into the world of SEO to build your online business with me.  

When you join my Mastermind and Inner Circle Group, here's what you'll expect...

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    The Exact Blueprint for starting from scratch to building a profitable business that brings in $100 per day that you can scale and grow over time.   Being confident and proud of what you're doing.
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    How to safely and effectively build links that get results while protecting your sites.  Super simple, yet highly effective techniques. 
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    How to avoid pitfalls that most entrepreneurs make when first starting their online ventures. 
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    Live help every month so you can ensure you're on the right track, get your most pressing questions answered. 
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    Step by Step Instructions on what to do first and how to maximize your profit potential while safeguarding your positioning in the search results. 
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    Beginner friendly training that will catapult you to an Advanced SEO professional in no time. 

And when you join, I'm going to include the following to give you the jumpstart...

The 30 Day SEO Blueprint

This is the foundational, holy grail to building your site from scratch. You'll never have to worry if you're doing too much or too little because we'll give you a step by step blueprint - even if you're brand new and just starting out.

  • How to avoid from getting sandboxed from your new sites that could paralyze you for months. 
  • Step by step action plan on what to do the first 30 days, tracking your progress and how to move forward building on your momentum. 
  • You'll see how we stack our links to build authority from "free" websites that build authority, trust, and rankings in the search results.

Beginner's To Advanced PBN Training

You'll see everything you need to start building and creating your own Private Blog Network that gets you results for yourself and clients.

  • How to avoid the most common pitfalls SEO'rs fall for when buying and bidding on domains.   
  • The exact, step by step process for setting up your Private Blog Network to stay under the radar.  We'll break everything down - hosting options, IP's, and the registration process. 
  • How to uncover, find quality domains that will give your sites the power they need to rank without breaking the bank. 

Ongoing Advanced Strategies Every Month

When you join, you'll sit in on 2 live training sessions every month to help guide, navigate you through all of the ongoing updates and how to make adjustments to your campaigns. 

  • You'll look over my should live while I break down other SEO campaigns submitted to the group for review. 
  • These live videos will be dropped in all nice and neat inside your membership for you to review as long as your membership is in good standings. 
  • Stay up to date with the latest cutting edge SEO strategies from my testing. 

YES! Derek I'm Ready To Join

I'm ready to skip the guesswork, frustration and start making money from my digital marketing efforts getting top results.  

I understand I can run this business part time and build it on my own terms whether my goals are earning $100 a day or landing $20,000 clients. 

I'll agree to use my newfound, marketing chops in a totally ethical manner that helps people. 

I understand that my investment is $197 per month and I can cancel at any time.