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Social Network Poster

The other day I came across a Free Wordpress plugin in the Wordpress Directory that I feel will help you get more traffic by auto posting to social networks. At one time, there was several platforms that

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Google Announces Another Update

Google claims to take another step at rewarding high content sites with the latest update that was announced yesterday. This update is reported to affect 3% of the searches queries.   The Panda update

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Panda Murders Blog Networks and My 8 Steps To Higher Rankings

I just wrapped up a killer PDF if I do say so myself on all the changes that have been going on with Panda over the last couple of months. Truth is I never wanted to speculate until everything settled

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Google Plus Now Showing In Search Results

I just noticed yesterday that profiles and pages from Google Plus is now showing in the search results pages. Pretty cool and something new to implement into your SEO campaigns… Now it's time for

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Have You Been Pandalized by Google?

Pandalized aka Bitchslapped in the search engine results by good ‘ole Google… Google recently updated their algorithm with Panda and now from my own test results – many have been pandalized. 

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