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How to Use OPM for Traffic

You’ve heard the phrase ‘OPM’?OPM= Other People’s MoneyIt’s the concept of being able to leverage other people’s assets.Picture this…You’ve just found a smokin’ hot deal on a 2 story,

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New Case Study Video: Page 1 in 4 Days

In this video, I'm revealing a site that we just ranked on page 1 inside of 4 days. Once you watch this video, go watch the Rank On Demand webinar which is linked below to see the exact method we used...

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Why Your PBN Domain Metrics Suck

In the video below, I'll explain how this crazy shirt my wife bought that she thought was cool turned out to be a major embarrassment for her.  And how the same thing is going on in the SEO space. People

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How to Make Money With SEO

This How to Make Money Guide is geared to the SEO world and my goal is to maybe help open up an opportunity that maybe you've not thought of, so here we go...The Step By Step Guide to Making Money From

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How Your Email List Can Help You Rank Your Websites And Videos

When consulting entrepreneurs and local businesses about their SEO, most immediately want the overnight, quick fix linking ninja trick. But many are surprised to hear when I ask the question – “Have

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