Meet the brains behind Search Stacks: Derek Pierce

Derek Pierce began his online venture out of desperation. 

After the real estate crash, Derek was stuck with several houses and nowhere to turn. 

As a last ditch effort, he listed the houses on eBay. 

How Derek Pierce Went From Failed Real Estate Investor to Digital Marketer

What seemed like a crazy and wild idea.

The Wild Idea paid off.

It was the one thing that kept him from going bankrupt. 

It was that point, he knew he had to focus his efforts in the digital marketing landscape. 

The only challenge was he was over $100,000 in credit card debt. 

That is until he stumbled upon the world of SEO and Affiliate Marketing. 

He then used these techniques to build his online business and has helped thousands of others with his courses, software and consulting. 

That's when Search Stacks was born. 

Want Derek to help you with your SEO? 

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Introducing Search Stacks...
A Behind the Scenes look From Derek Pierce's Digital Marketing Lab

Search Stacks provides the latest digital marketing strategies to help online businesses with their marketing efforts. 

Our goal is to help eliminate the guesswork and arm you with the techniques that work. 

When you join Search Stacks you'll get access to Derek Pierce's latest tried and true digital marketing strategies helping you take your online business to the next level. 

We can help you with...

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    Beginner to Advanced SEO strategies
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    SEO techniques that have been tried and tested without the guesswork or confusion
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    Beginner to Advanced Affiliate Marketing strategies
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    Growing and scaling your online business

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