When consulting entrepreneurs and local businesses about their SEO, most immediately want the overnight, quick fix linking ninja trick.

But many are surprised to hear when I ask the question – “Have you built a list?”

“A list – what’s that got to do with SEO? “ you ask…

It can actually be more valuable that you think.

Let me explain.

It’s a known fact that Google monitors time on site, the Watch Time for your videos, and the overall experience.

I've seen it in my own tests.

You can read this from ReelSEO Watch Time: A Guide To Youtube's Top Search Ranking Factor 

While I'm not buying its the sole ranking factor or the top ranking factor, I will agree it plays a big roll.

In my experience, backlinks matter now more than ever.

However, often overlooked, are time on site, readership, and watch times. 

These now play a role into ranking and is a major factor in the ranking algorithm whether you like it or not.

Think About This..

What if Google sent you traffic to your videos and users bounce as soon as they start watching the video?

Chances are the videos are not going to stay at the top for long, because Google is wanting to enhance the user experience.

We’ve all seen the spammy video, hit it with a ton of links and rank, but in a couple of days the videos typically tank..

So, here’s what do…

Step 1.  Create a video that’s engaging.   While your videos can be very simple, don’t expect a lot from videos pieced together with no real clear message or engagement.

The videos that have just images and some background noise aren’t going to convert so start to work on making them more engaging.

Step 2. Embed your video on your blog and write an article.  This can be a short ‘How to Article’ or Advice that you’re giving that compliments the video .

Link to your article or website in the description. 

These are good, safe, authority links.

Google likes to see videos embedded, and links sent to video. This is one of the ways they track how popular a video is and it also helps to rank in both Youtube and Google.

Step 3. Send an email to your customer list to your blog post to read your article and watch your video.

And encourage them to share the post or video.

The reason this works is because these are your fans.

These are your people that want to see your stuff and will help to increase your views.

Step 4. Drop The Links. Finally, drive links to both your video and your blog post.

I recommend using PBN links with Rank Gold (there’s nothing more powerful and reliable than a Private Blog Network) to link to your blog (money site) and embed your videos.

We can also use automated tools like GSA to link to your videos.  And we can be more aggressive with the linking to Youtube videos.

The reason we do this is to help rank multiple properties or multiple assets.

This helps to get both – the Youtube and our Blog Post ranked!

This is increasing our likelihood of ranking simply because we have multiple properties.

Now, the question becomes…

What if you don’t have an email or customer list?

If not, start building one right away.

You can use this type of content to not only give good, solid content with videos, but think about all the ways you can use it.

Be sure to plug in a retargeting campaign for your customers and follow up with them so they see you everywhere.

If you're not familiar, I'd highly recommend you check out my Super Affiliate Strategies class and my Over The Shoulder List Building System.

Derek Pierce
Derek Pierce

Derek Pierce is an online marketer specializing in Search Engine Optimization. He used his SEO to escape over $100,000 in credit card debt building a 6 figure business from a spare bedroom.