This How to Make Money Guide is geared to the SEO world and my goal is to maybe help open up an opportunity that maybe you've not thought of, so here we go...

The Step By Step Guide to Making Money From SEO Without Any Rankings

Wait a minute...

Without ranking?  How's that even possible?

Read on amigo and I'll lay it out for you step by step...

For starters, I’ve found that people who look to make money online or build a business through SEO will build these hurdles in their mind to jump through before they give themselves permission to make money online.

For example, these are common statements I’ll hear…

“I just need to get this site ranked as proof”

“When I do XYZ, then I’ll start making money”

“I’m hoping this site ranks for these terms and then I’ll see some traffic”

Once I spoke with a guy that had been at this for 18 months and had never made a dime.

Here’s the kicker…

I asked him what he’d done to get an idea about where he was at and this is what he said…

“I’ve bought XYZ training and boy it’s good.”

“I went to ole’ XYZ’s mastermind and you should consider joining too”

Where’s the work in those two statements?

You see this happen often with what I call the Professional Student.

They go to college, get a degree.

Then, we need more education before we get a job.

They go back to get a masters.

After that, they now need a doctorate.

The cycle goes on for years.

And for the record, I’m not knocking getting educated and learning new skills.

Where I see an issue is when people have skill sets that others are willing to pay for going untapped.

While they struggle, hoping to make ends meet, there’s an opportunity right in front of them.

That’s what I’m hoping this will serve as today.

This guide will show you a way to start making money online today.

Without waiting on rankings…

As a matter of fact, you don’t even have to rank, build a list, or create some complex sales funnel.

You can do this all while building your rankings or getting clients simultaneously.

Where's this opportunity For SEO?

First, let’s backup just a for a second…

Right now, there’s a huge demand for valuable PBN domains.

It’s the go to strategy for myself as well as many others and it’s been the only consistent method for getting rankings in Google.

Domains that have existing links from authority sites like Wikipedia, Forbes, and Huffington to name a few have value.

If you know what you’re doing, then you can find valuable domains super cheap.

Which presents the first way you can make money starting right now from this SEO gig.

These domains can be picked up for the regular price of registration – $10 a domain.

 So, far so good – right?

Here's Opportunity # 1

If these domains have good metrics and we’ll cover that soon enough…

People are willing to pay $30 – $50 per domain.

Let’s suppose you pick up 10 different $10 domains (that’s $100 for you math majors – 10 X $10)

And sell them on the lower end, let’s say $30 per domain.  (10 X $30 = $300)

Not bad huh?

How many of you starting this online gig and thought – if I could only make an extra $200-$300 per month?

One order of 10 domains would do that.

You don’t need to design anything, come up with content, or hope for a top ranking.

You buy the domain, sell it, then transfer it.


Find the Hungry Audience

I can hear the “yeah but” already starting..

“Yeah but DP I don’t know anyone that would buy them?”

Here’s the deal…

There’s super hungry audiences in the same places you’re probably hanging out.

Think about all the PBN sites, groups, and SEO forums.

Where are people hanging out?

Where are there already people conducting business?

There’s forums, sites, and Facebook groups allocated for this very thing.

Again, chances are good, you’re already a part of some of these groups or know where to go.

Here's a few...

  • Fiverr
  • Konker
  • SEO Clerks
  • Black Hat World
  • Warrior Forum

How to Make More Per Order & Earn Recurring Income

Now this next part is totally optional if you like to make more money…

See, a percentage would rather pay you just to set everything up for them.

That’s where you add the famous Mickey D’s phrase “Would you like to super size your order?”

And offer to include the setup, design, first article and social accounts link together.

Instead of charging $30- $50 per domain though, you’re now charging $100- $150.

“Yeah buts” is back..

“Yeah but, Derek-I don’t want to set everything up.  I’m tired already and just want money.”

You’re not going to be setting up a thing.

That’s where you head on over to Fiverr and hire someone to do this shiz for you.

I found a gig for setting up social accounts for $5

Another for installing and customizing WordPress for $5 – $10

So, now you’re in at $25- $30 per domain that you’re selling for $100 – $150 per domain.

That means instead of making $30-$40 per domain, you’re now making $75 – $125 per domain you sell.

Make sense?

And you can even add a hosting option in there as well if you want to get some rebills kicked in to add continuity to your program.

Option # 2: Sell Links From Your Domains

Instead of selling these domains, start selling links off the domains you buy.

These can be a PBN blasts or drop a link in the sidebar.

It’s not hard to do and most importantly you’ll get to keep the domains you bought.

Links go for $3-$5 per link on average.


If the domains are really strong, often you can sell the links for a monthly fee.

Here's where this gets good...

All of these people that are buying your SEO services also buy other stuff.

They buy training programs, other services, and even more domains or links.

So, it’s like you’re getting paid to build your own list.

All you’re doing is siphoning traffic from these communities and getting paid to do it.

Is it that easy?

To start with, you may offer some at lower costs to get your reputation built up in these communities.

Bottom line is knowing what to look for and how to find these domains at reasonable prices.  

Here's the Entire Process to Profiting from SEO even if you're starting out

  • Find Domains that have good quality links that are spam free with solid metrics
  • Sell domains on popular SEO service sites
  • Sell links on popular SEO service sites
  • Make a list of buyers
  • Offer them more stuff
  • Do this while you build your own SEO projects

Now, tomorrow, I'll be sending you a video where I discuss one of the common pitfalls with buying PBN domains.

I'll be dropping it to your email address.

See ya then...


Derek Pierce
Derek Pierce

Derek Pierce is an online marketer specializing in Search Engine Optimization. He used his SEO to escape over $100,000 in credit card debt building a 6 figure business from a spare bedroom.