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If you're looking for the Evil Traffic Magician, then you can find it here…

Or if you scroll down, you'll find my review which includes a tour of the members area as well as my bonus for anyone that invest in the course.

Who's behind The Evil Traffic Magician?

benadkinsIt's none other than my good friend, Ben Adkins.

And I say good friend because he genuinely is.

It's not like so many other people say “friend” in a marketing email.

If I need help, I can pick up the phone and give him a buzz (and it's happened on more than one occasion).

Also, I've been in a private mastermind with this guy for the last 3 years and seen a lot of the insider stuff he's managed to pull off that only a handful of people have seen.

What I mean by this is that he's doer and one of the hardest working guys in the Internet Marketing space and staying on the cutting edge for traffic generation, systems, and you've probably already seen it in the past with Social Media.

But here's the advantage this guy has…

He's One Connected Dude!

And as a result he gets…

REAL Strategies Shared With Him That You'l Not Find Anywhere Else…

And that's what the Evil Traffic Magician Is…

It's a compilation of some of the most unorthodox methods for getting laser targeted traffic to your websites regardless of your niche or market.

Fact is you don't need to be an expert at conversions, or super salesy if you know with a “Mcdonald's” type formulaic certainty a systematic way to generate traffic.

And now you can learn with some of the best, traffic getting strategies in the Internet Marketing space that's guaranteed to give you more traffic, more leads, and more money in your pocket.theeviltrafficmagicianreviewbonus

The Evil Traffic Magician Review And Inside Tour

The training is composed of 3 parts…

  1. Mind Reading for MagiciansThis portion of the training is the nuts and bolts.  It's the foundation on putting your offer in front of the right audience and is the basis for all campaigns.
  2. Paid Traffic MagiciansIn this portion of the training, you'll see techniques from the Paid Traffic Magicians.  Some of these topics include…- The Youtube Ad Stranglehold Trick
    – The Facebook Ad Ghosting Trick
    – The Banner Or Bust Trick
    – The “Facebook Ad Robot” Trick
    – And A Whole Lot More
  3. Free Traffic Magicians- The “John Forum Hancock” Trick
    – The WordPress Alarm Trick
    – The Facebook Inception Trick
    – Facebook Crowd Favorite Trick
    – The Content Marketing Triad Trick
    – The Five Dollar Alien Trick
    – The Birdsong Trick
    – And A Whole Lot More…

Once the product goes live, we'll do a full video review and tour of what's in the members area.

Ok Derek – It's All Good, Now Make This Offer Even Better – I Know You've Got A Bonus For Me

For anyone that invest in the Evil Traffic Magician, I'm going to do something that I don't do just for anything.

If you've followed me for any amount of time, you know I only endorse a handful of people – Ben is one of those guys.


So, when you invest in my link that you see here on this page, I'm going to hook you up with the following bonuses…

Bonus # 1: Authority Redemption Method


This is a 7 step module for finding High Authority Sites For Free and How You Can Use These To Build A Passive Income Stream from Scratch.

You can see the webinar here

Bonus # 2: Authority Redemption Keyword List

I'll give you a list of 400,000 Keyword To Use with my Authority Redemption Process

Bonus # 3: Authority Redemption Footprint List

These are the sites and footprints to uncover these hidden, high authority sites.

Bonus # 4: Social Email Blueprint

Bonus # 5: The 100K Funnel

Bonus # 6: Viral Facebook Ads

Bonus # 7: Ecomfinity


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Again, all you've got to do is order through my link here.

Then forward your receipt to [email protected] or send a ticket in at

And we'll send you access to the training above.






Derek Pierce