Before you begin doing any SEO, you've got to start with a foundation – you've got to see why sites are ranking.

Whether you've got a client that's just GOT to rank for a particular keyword or if you're trying to rank something for yourself, then you've got to find out WHY your competitors are there to begin with – and once you see that, it's all about how you can outdo your competition.

The fact is Google is giving clues and leaving footprints for why they're ranking a site in the top 10.

Watch the video to see how in less than 2 minutes, we're able to reverse engineer a website's SEO using Free Tools.

You can find the Mozbar for Firefox here

And you can find SEO Quake here for Firefox 

Now, here's the deal…

Other SEO professionals are doing the same thing to you –

They're looking at your network, trying to find your backlinks, your private blogs, and uncovering your other niches – which can cause major problems for you…

Are you aware that your competitors can report your sites backlinks as spam?

It sucks – but it's reality.

Well – there's a way around it to keep your competitors in the dark and it can all be done in 1 click with a simple plugin called Spynot.

Check it out by going here and see the special dealio I have just for you for reading my blog.

Derek Pierce
Derek Pierce

Derek Pierce is an online marketer specializing in Search Engine Optimization. He used his SEO to escape over $100,000 in credit card debt building a 6 figure business from a spare bedroom.