If you're in the digital space, then the last month you've heard the tremors, the shake ups of a potential Facebook fallout. 

As we've seen with Google search as well as their paid platforms making continuous updates, it's naive to think any platform would be exempt from such an update. 

I know people that were hit by one of the notorious Google updates years ago that had a thriving business to wake up to starting all over. 

With nothing. 

It's not a fact of "if" but when? 

A better questions should be... 

How can we safeguard our digital businesses from a Facebook fallout? 

That's what we'll be covering in this posts.

This will help you if you're just starting out, a seasoned vet or for even local marketers that have tapped into Facebook's ad platform to not only survive, but thrive from a potential Facebook fallout. 

First, what's happened that's made all of this come to light? 

To make a long story short, a company called Cambridge Analytica harvested over 87 million Facebook profiles to develop psychographic profiles as it related to the 2016 election

And now, the FTC has launched an inquiry into Facebook. 

Which has resulted in changes and modifications to Facebook's API and advertising platforms.

This doesn't even take into account all those that are currently deleting the app all together starting the hashtag #deletefacebook.  

The Most Dangerous Number in Business

Dan Kennedy points out in his No BS Sales Success book, "One is a very bad number, anywhere you find it … if one media produces a disproportionate percentage of your customers, you are subject to being summarily put out of business."

This is true with your digital marketing business. 

For those of you that rely solely on Google as your traffic source, you're one slap away from losing it. 

Those fans of Facebook, you're also subject to the same slap.

Here's what to do about it. 

Step # 1. Leverage The Platform To Build Your Fans

For starters, Facebook is something we can't control.  

It's merely a platform.

A channel. 

Platforms and channels can come and go. 

However, relationships with your audiences don't. 

If you look at the WWE (yes wrestling) they've went through a number of channel changes over the years. 

USA to Spike then back to USA. 

Think about it for second...

What happens when your favorite show switches to a new network? 

You simply change the channel till you find them.  

WWE is still running strong and now making a move to their own Internet channel. 

While Spike has rebranded itself countless times and is now known as Paramount. 

So, how does this apply to me?

Good question. 

What we want is to use these channels or platforms to bring people in, get them on our list, show them our best stuff...

Build, create and nurture relationships. 

And then move them to our other channels. 

Step # 2: Leveraging Other Channels

When you're bringing people in from Facebook, Google, Twitter, or any other platform, start working to get them to the other channels of your brand.

Here's where you should be focusing right away...

  • check
    Getting them to your blog and interacting
  • check
    Signing up and interacting to your email marketing
  • check
    Subscribing to your Youtube channel
  • check
    Leveraging LinkedIn and Twitter
  • check
    Physical addresses when possible

While it may sound like a lot when you see the list. 

It's really not. 

Because you can leverage each of these platforms. 

When one goes away, it may sting a bit, however it will not destroy your business. 

For example... 

When someone signs up for one of our Free items...

First, we'll add them to our email list, send them the item, then invite them to a private Facebook group, and a training webinar.

Next, we'll invite them to our Youtube channel, send them videos and new blog posts.

That allows us to not only create a connection, but also to leverage Retargeting Networks even if there's a full on freakout - fallout from Facebook.

And even if people are deleting the app by the droves or if they change their guidelines for ads.

It may sting a bit, but it won't kill your business.  

Step # 3: Be Everywhere With Retargeting

 Most of you reading this are probably familiar with retargeting. 

If not, it's time to get hip on the subject. 

In it's simplest form we can use retargeting to display ads to our visitors, customers, and people that interact and watch our videos.

I see a lot of sellers doing this and some affiliates. 

This will work especially well for those of you doing local lead generation.

Picture this... 

Someone comes to your webpage, you can retarget the visitors to a specific offer. 

And be in front and center of your audience on...

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Youtube
  • Google

Just like you see Amazon pulling off.

Putting it All Together 

All it takes is a simple piece of retargeting code plugged into the header. 

All of these platforms we mentioned are all free to join. 

Plus it doesn't cost you a dime to get the retargeting code set up - only when you start running ads. 

Want some help putting it all together?

This is one of the key pieces that we'll show you how to pull off in our Elite Coaching program.

It works in synergy with all the other forms of your marketing including your email marketing, SEO and video ranking strategy. 

Not a member of our Elite program?

Let's get you on the inside and help you create winning, profitable SEO campaigns. 

Start by watching the recent webinar I put together for you by going here.  

Derek Pierce
Derek Pierce

Derek Pierce is an online marketer specializing in Search Engine Optimization. He used his SEO to escape over $100,000 in credit card debt building a 6 figure business from a spare bedroom.