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How to Protect Your Digital Business from a Facebook Fallout

If you’re in the digital space, then the last month you’ve heard the tremors, the shake ups of a potential Facebook fallout.  As we’ve seen with Google search as well as their paid platforms making continuous updates, it’s naive to think any platform would be exempt from such an update.  I know people that were hit by […]

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Beware of the Great Hype Man!

Every great rapper has one right? A hype man! He’s the one that rides the coat tails of the headliner interjecting to build the rapper up – however he secretly thinks his rhymes are better and that one day he’s gonna get his big chance. You see the same thing happening in the great land […]

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How I Eliminated Over $100,000 In Credit Cards and Lost Over 30 Lbs

It’s sometimes hard to see beyond your current situation. Work, debt, family. But what happened to my dreams? What happened to the super fancy car I was destined to drive? And what happened to my body? These were all vows I’d take as a teen and a young adult that I’d never let myself fall […]

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Determining The Lifetime Value of Your Customers

This past week I had to fire the landscaping company that I’d been with for almost 3 years. The reason? It all boiled down to the fact I felt multiple issues remained unresolved and that my concerns were going unheard… For example, it was the 3rd time my For Sale By Owner Sign had been […]

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Top 10 Infomercials of All Time

I remember as a kid I was mesmerized by the ads in the back of of the Wrestling magazines I’d buy promising riches – $12,000 in 24 hours… And the ads promising Government seized homes, boats, and vehicles for pennies on the dollar. It continued on when I’d watch the infomercial from Carlton Sheets to Tom […]

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