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Local SEO vs Affiliate Marketing Guide

Often I’m asked – “Derek what should I do – should I go after local clients or should I do affiliate SEO?” It’s a question that came up just a couple of days ago so I’m going to lay it all out on the line in this post and by the end my goal is […]

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Your Plan of Attack

Today, I’m going to be showing you a strategy that will help you pull in more of that almighty green while avoiding a costly mistake… This whole Internet Marketing gig started by desperation. In case you don’t know my story – I began by selling Real Estate properties online and once I saw I could […]

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Zero to $2K From Launch Jacking

I just wrapped up a walk with Vedder and came back to wrap up this blog post that I started earlier. And I feel it’s important you watch this… Meet Matt and Karen Hale. They began a couple of months ago with one of my trainings, took action, and have already seen $2,000 profit. All […]

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The Rich Jerk Launch and Promotion

If you’re not familiar with the Rich Jerk, then you’re about to be. The Rich Jerk was a popular internet marketing course a few years ago that everyone loved to talk about. You either loved it or hated it – but the bottom line is – You Could Not Ignore It! I’ve seen a lot […]

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What Can You Accomplish in 18 Months?

Since the beginning of the year, I’ve made changes to my business to allow me to consult and take on more mentoring students. A few weeks ago, I had a very long chat with a potential client and he admitted he’d been in Exploratory, Research mode for the last 18 months attending masterminds, conferences, and […]

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