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Chapter 1 – All Alone

Chapter 2 – Going Broke

Chapter 3 – Dumb Idea

Staring at any amount of debt is tough to do.

It got to a point where I was so scared to even look at it – I had no idea how much we had!

It's a very scary feeling.

One day, some guy sends me an email out of the blue wanting to connect because he'd seen my real estate book online and had read some of my blog.


I really wasn't accustomed to someone calling or emailing me out of the blue unless something was wrong – so I was a little freaked out.

Call me weird…

But after all, in the real estate business, some of the calls you get are from people facing foreclosure, divorce, or have experienced the loss of a loved one.

Not your ideal calls.

And that was the one thing I hated about buying and selling houses – sometimes I would get to emotionally involved.

Anyway, back to the guy – we talked for a few minutes and he told me that I needed to get linked up with this Real Estate guy from this JV Site.

He said it was several real estate investors doing some product launches and thought I would benefit from the connections.

So I signed up and started watching some of the emails come through.

That's when I realized how “small” I was thinking with this Internet gig – these guys were knocking out some major coin.

I'm talking KILLING IT!

Here's what would happen.

First guy emails the group about launching his product.

Everyone books it on their calendar to mail their email list all at the same time.

Usually there's 4-5 touches with pre-launch content to warm the list up to their particular strategy.

So – its a full frontal attack from all the big dogs in the industry.

They have prizes for the guys that sale the most.

Then the next guy is in line to do their launch – and they repeat this process over and over again.

Each time killing it – at the time generating high 6 figures – 7 figures in a 7-10 day time frame.

So I decided to signup to promote the next launch.

Didn't expect anything at all – honestly.

But I had built a list of about 5K people from my book sales, to optins over the previous couple of years.

I began by mailing all the pre-launch content to my list.

Also, I would watch all the videos and write a blog posts about each piece of the pre-launch content.

On the day they launched the product, I started getting some unfamiliar emails with the subject line

“Cha- Ching – you just made a sale”

Now I loved getting these emails because that meant I had just made a commission – and a commission on a $2K priced product!

At the end of the launch, they send out the leaderboard for all the jv's.

“Who The F!$K is Derek Pierce?”

Was some of the responses..

Because my name appeared right with some of the big dogs that I had respected the most – you know guys that had written best sellers, and guys that I listened to at a seminar.

And my name was in the midst of these guys that were my idols.

I had sold 5 – at $2K price points – so my commission was $5,000.00 and I got a cool prize – a MP3 player that my I gave to my little boy.

So for the next couple of weeks-

I'm thinking I'm the shiznit.

Even though my financial position wasn't pretty – it was something positive and for  everything going on – from my mound of debt to the family drama –

I needed to focus on the positives!

Next product launch – I was ready to roll.

So I gear up and email my list all the pre-launch stuff and once the launch opens –

No cha-ching messages come through.

A week goes by and the launch closes – No cha – change emails.

I was puzzled to say the least.

Was it all luck?  Did I really earn that much on the first launch? – these were all internal thoughts going on in my head at the time.

So I began to study what I did differently in the first one and there was something drastically different –

I didn't make the blog posts.

After doing some heavy digging into my email stats and my website stats – it was clear where the sales came from –

They all came from my blog!

I checked and I was ranking in the top spot for the name of the product along with several other buyer keywords.

With everyone mailing for it – people were going to the web to dig for more information – and found my site and when they clicked through to buy – I was getting a commission.

This was how I stumbled upon Search Engine Optimization.

So, I began to test new stuff –

I could make a blog post for any one of these guy's names and would appear on the first page within a matter of hours!

I had stumbled upon something big…

This was before any course come out or anything like that on targeting launches – this all happened by mistake.

So for the next launch – I was ready.

I had even bought some new domains to test my method.

And the messages started to roll in –

“Cha-Ching, Cha- Ching, Cha- Ching”

I made over $12,000 in commissions from that launch.

I remember vividly, going out in the backyard with the missus and looking up at the stars and I actually cried because of seeing some form of success.

But was it too late?

In the past it seemed ever step forward I took, I was taking two steps back.

I was buried with the $100,000 in credit card debt and the family drama I was going through made the debt look like a walk in the park.

How the F@$K will I ever get out of this?

I'm going to hold a special webinar to show you how I did just that, paid off all my vehicles and was able to build the house of my dreams…

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Derek Pierce
Derek Pierce

Derek Pierce is an online marketer specializing in Search Engine Optimization. He used his SEO to escape over $100,000 in credit card debt building a 6 figure business from a spare bedroom.