Just got back from Dawson’s cross country race…

And I got a little choked up.

Here’s why…

Last week he had a terrible run – it was probably his worst run since he started running cross country.

We had a long discussion about conducting yourself and always pushing yourself.

And shooting for your personal best.

Today was different.

I wrote on a notepad before I dropped him off a number with the word TIME above it.

He come down stairs and ask – “what’s this?”

I said – “this is the time you’re going to get today”

And I wrote the words on the back of the paper – “I believe in you”.

He looked a little shocked and puzzled because he’d never run a time that fast.

On the way to drop him off, I asked him to visualize what it would feel like if he finished the race in the time I wrote on the piece of paper.

I told him to visualize what it would be like crossing the finish line and seeing the time on the clock.

And to think about –

What would his friends say?

What would the coach say?

And what would we say?

I wanted him to think about reaching the goal.

He loaded the bus and I wondered if he thought I was going off the deep end or if it would sink in what I was trying to do.

I get to the race and we have a quick chat before the race begins.

I watched and could tell something was different today.

He was running.

He was running with purpose.

And guess what time he finished with?

He was about 12 seconds off from the time I wrote on the sheet of paper.

And he’d probably reached that time if he hadn’t puked right before the finish line.

I gotta tell you when I saw him coming across the finish line and puking at the same time – it gave me chills.

I went up to him and gave him a sweaty hug because I was so proud of him.

And he told me  – “I believe I visualized seeing that number while I was running a way back – so the time was probably what I had realistically envisioned..”

Pretty cool – huh?

Often we think of all the things we’ve done wrong or failed with instead of thinking about our goals…

We re-live these instances and that’s what I wanted to change with him.

I didn’t want him to think about last week – just imagine what he could do.

Now, let me ask you a question…

What do you think of when you think of Matthew McConaughey?

What comes to mind?

Successful movie star?

Great actor?

Academy Award Winner?

Oscar Winner?

The Lincoln spokesman?

Or do you think of  his latest movie –  “The Sea of Trees?”

This movie starred Matthew McConaughey and Naomi Watts, and has made a whopping $2,730 in 5 days

$2,730 in 5 days…

So how does a flick that starts two of the biggest draws in Hollywood completely bomb at the box office?

I’ll let you in on a little secret…


And I mean everyone has a dud every now and then.

Everyone has something that didn’t go as planned.

I’ve seen some of the most brilliant marketers have launches that bomb.

I’ve seen on the day when the cart opens and affiliates are mailing like crazy – the servers go down for over 48 hours.

Bottom line is you can’t stop going to the plate and taking a swing.

Do you think this is going to hurt McConaughey?

I’d say there’s not a chance he lets this get to him.

Chances are that he’s already on the next shoot and planning for the next promotion.

So, no matter where you are in your business.

Realize that there’s a reason your rear view mirror is much smaller than the windshield.

What you’re doing today is far more important than what happened yesterday.

I see a lot of people operating their SEO and their online business from a place of fear.

Fear of what could happen.

Afraid of what’s happened in the past.

And listening to the wrong people tell them bad advice.

That’s why I’m doing something to help make your SEO great again.

It's gonna be YUUUGEEE.

And you're going to love it.

I’ll be sending you an email tomorrow with all the details.

Derek Pierce

Derek Pierce
Derek Pierce

Derek Pierce is an online marketer specializing in Search Engine Optimization. He used his SEO to escape over $100,000 in credit card debt building a 6 figure business from a spare bedroom.