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How to Enjoy time at the beach and still run successful marketing campaigns with Derek Pierce and his cutting edge SEO strategies

It’s All About Perspective

A couple of months ago, the missus booked us a trip to Panama City Beach for a week for a little R & R. Have you seen the guys posting pictures with their computers on the beach with a tag line that goes something like…“View for a week” or “Office for the week”None of that […]

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The Ultimate Lifestyle Business With Chris Winters

Years ago, I met a guy by the name of Chris Winters. If you don’t know Chris, he’s a digital nomad – traveling the world on his own terms and makes a ton of money while he’s doing it. I convinced him to do a live training call but before the call, I hopped on […]

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Getting Choked Up

Just got back from Dawson’s cross country race… And I got a little choked up. Here’s why… Last week he had a terrible run – it was probably his worst run since he started running cross country. We had a long discussion about conducting yourself and always pushing yourself. And shooting for your personal best. […]

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Are You Trying To Be Something You’re Not?

“Question: Are you trying to be something you’re not?” I see it in the marketing space all the time, fitness gurus too. The internet guy trying to make a name for himself by trying to compare his accomplishments with that of someone that’s been in the space for years with tons of connections and street […]

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Goal Setting Guide and 6 Step Hack to Getting More Done

What does this guy in the picture below have to do with Goal Setting? And how can a cute puppy help you achieve more? Read on to find out how you can achieve more, reach your goals, and be a happy in the process. Let me begin by saying – I’m not your rah-rah, motivational […]

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