posted an article this past week – Google Adds Large Scale Guest Posting, Advertorials, and Optimized Anchor Text In Press Releases regarding a quiet update in Google's Link Scheme.

Here's the gist of the Google changes made to their Link Scheme to violate their guidelines –

  • Building links on a large scale via articles or guest posting with keyword rich anchor text
  • Advertorials where links are paid for.
  • Keyword rich, optimized anchor text included in Press Releases.

What's interesting is the complete “mind fuck” that Google's pulling with the propaganda machine churning what they want you to believe about SEO.

The question is – Who Do You Believe?

Are you going to believe Matt Cutts and the Google team?

It seems every time they make an update of something that violates their guidelines – in the REAL world – that's what's really working.

The fact is Google doesn't want you to know what's working – because they make money from selling Ads.  That's their bread and butter and where they make their money.

Take a look at what Cutts said in December of 2012, Cutts comes out and states the following in a Google Webmaster Help Forum

Note: I wouldn't expect links from press release web sites to benefit your rankings, however.

Then in January, SEO Consult came out with a test they documented that was contrary to what Cutts had stated in the previous month.

In the test, they linked to Matt Cutt's blog for a term they made up – sreppleasers

And in 3 days, the Matt Cutts blog was ranking # 2 for the term.

What's troubling is I'm looking through some of the comments since this follow up article from Search Engine land and people are already asking about how to make the existing press releases “no follow” without even testing.

They're taking Google at their word… when history has shown Google has not been the most trustworthy source.

Remember, blog networks were suppose to be all bad now and not working?  The truth is I'm seeing right the opposite- I'm getting great rankings from my private blog network.

As for me, I'll only take Google's updates with a grain of salt.

And continue to view it as – “well that must be working.”

What about you?  What's your take on all the updates – I'd love to hear your feedback in the comments below-

Derek Pierce
Derek Pierce

Derek Pierce is an online marketer specializing in Search Engine Optimization. He used his SEO to escape over $100,000 in credit card debt building a 6 figure business from a spare bedroom.