You may be wondering if Youtube is worth your time and focus…

Lets first look at where Youtube is on the map when it comes to traffic –


As you can see it’s the # 3 site in the world according to Alexa only falling behind Google and Facebook.

Next let’s take a look at the top selling products on JVzoo.

Notice that the top 3 sellers are all related to Video Marketing…


Look at those numbers – and each of these products have all been launched within the last 12 months!

No matter how you look at it –

Video Marketing is Hot…

And using Google’s very own Youtube you can easily increase your traffic, get more leads and make you more money – even if you're just starting out with no clue where to start.

Here’s why I feel Youtube is one of the top strategies for beginners as well as experienced pros.

  • First, as you’ve probably heard – money loves speed…

And Youtube is the grandaddy of them all for being able to quickly start making money online.

Literally – you can have everything setup to start pushing your content in a matter of minutes.

And you don’t even have to be on camera. 

With all of the video creators like Video Maker FX and screen capture software like Camtasia – video creation has never been easier.

  • Next you can get started without spending a dime. 

So even if you’re on a shoestring budget, Youtube can work for you without worrying about building out a website, and without buying a domain.

Using Youtube you can not only borrow authority but also tap into existing traffic.

  • Next, Youtube has it’s own community where you can have videos go viral and its growing leaps and bounds with no signs of slowing down.

And finally, this allows you to be you.

You can shine and be in the spotlight showing your skills whatever it may be.

You can be the star when it comes to cooking, marketing, reviews, or even unboxing kids toys.

You’re in the driver’s seat.

So I created this to show you the… 

Top 5 Strategies YOU Can Use To Profit From Youtube Right Now.

  1. Become a Youtube partner and display Ads from Adwords. 

    It’s pretty simple to be approved as a Youtube partner and this will allow you to display ads on your channel, video ads before your video as well as banner ads that are displayed on your video.prerolladsyoutube

  2. Use Youtube To Rank in Google and Youtube for Affiliate Marketing terms. 

    I've made a lot of money from this strategy alone.Now, many will strictly focus on ranking in Google – however there’s an entire audience in Youtube that shouldn’t be overlooked.

    So not only can you rank your videos as I’ve done, but you can simultaneously build a following from Youtube where you’re reviewing different products.

  3. Rank For local keywords and sell leads or rent the space. 

    The fact is videos without traffic are worthless.And you’ll see this with local business that have polished, high end videos with 12 views.You can rank videos in your local market and sell the leads or simply rent the space.For many of the longtail keywords, videos will rank without a lot of effort.

  4. Build an Audience and followers from Youtube to sell your stuff to. 

    If you have your own products or brand, Youtube is a great way to not only get traffic but to build trust with your core audience (there’s nothing quiet like video to get people to know, like and trust you) in order to sell your own products or services.Use Youtube to send your viewers to signup for your email newsletter to further engagment and to increase the relationship between you and your customer.

  5. Retargeting with Youtube Videos 

    Chances are good you've heard about retargeting as this has become a buzzword in the marketing space and for good reason – it works!Retargeting is when a user clicks on your website, a pixel is fired and you can then target your visitors all over the web with ads.

    Probably the biggest, and most known retargeting company is Amazon.Go shop for something right now on amazon and you’ll find that item being placed in ads all over the place – in your Yahoo dashboard, your email dashboard and websites you often visit.And you can retarget with Youtube videos right inside of Google Adwords…The cool thing is retargeting with these Ads are incredibly cheap.

    In my opinion – this will be one of the biggest trends for marketers this year.

Now, since we're discussing these 5 strategies, I want to give you a cheat sheet if you will for getting the most from Youtube.

Important Points for Maximizing Your Youtube Channel

1. Making the most of your Channel Home Page

For starters, your home page of your channel should be your most important content as well as contain links to all your other properties.

You’ll find that you can include links to your other channels as well as a landing page to capture their email or contact you for more information.

Take a look at the screenshot below to see the links you can include on your channel home page.

This example is of the Six Pack Shortcuts Youtube channel and I recommend you mimic what he's doing here in your own niche.

Take note of how his header is moving you to the suggested links moving you toward the email optin and connecting across various channels.

2. External Link Annotations

These are links that will allow you to link to your associated website.  For each channel, you can have an associated website that you can links to.

Let’s take a look at my Magic Submitter Training videos, you’ll see an external link annotation, that links to a landing page outlining a bonus for anyone that invest in Magic Submitter.


Most people only rely on the small link in the description of a Youtube video -which is a big no- no…

If you’re only relying on that one aspect you’re missing out because you can’t assume the average user will look at your description, find the tiny link in the description and click on it.

So take the extra step and connect your website to start taking advantage of the external link annotations.

As you know, I’ve used Youtube to rank videos and drive traffic the last several years.

However, right now there is a boom for buying traffic and retargeting with Youtube and it’s currently wide open. 

And it's incredibly cheap.

This is one of my top strategies that I’m currently implementing in my own businesses.

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  1. Ignore all of this and keep missing out on potential traffic to your competition or…
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You'll be glad you did…


Derek Pierce
Derek Pierce

Derek Pierce is an online marketer specializing in Search Engine Optimization. He used his SEO to escape over $100,000 in credit card debt building a 6 figure business from a spare bedroom.